Acoustic Emission

VN500 Welding Control System                             Contacto

Detects and  analyze spot and stud welding quality on the fly.

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-Detects ultrasonic signatures in metal or piece and not current or voltages in welding machines.

-Analyze welding heating and cooling patterns.

-Decide "good" or "bad" welding with pre-programmed criteria.

-In accordance with the ASTM E751-1 standard.

-100 % spot or stud welding tested and very less destructive test.

-VN500 is based on Acoustic Emission techniques (see block diagram).


-VN500 detects automatically welding type spot or stud.

-Multiples simultaneous routines of ultrasonic signatures identification.

-Up to 256 different cycles of up to 256 welding each.

-Alerts operator with "Cycle ended" or "Change piece".

-4 digitals TTL digital outputs to control machines, devices or clamps.


-User or Supervisor mode.


-Fully programmable.


-Diary or periodic reports. VN500 can acts like data logger.


-RS232 Serial communication to PC for total logging or statistical analysis.

-Software to transfer data to spread sheets or other application.


-Autonomic for work island.


-Sensors for different materials and configurations.

See more sensors and preamplifiers 


-Many types of mechanic, pneumatic and hydraulic clamping devices.



VN500 Block Diagram


Spot welding signature:


Stud Welding Signature:


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